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Below is a selection of testimonials, there’s lots of more recent reviews on Tripadvisor and Facebook.

Rebecca - May 2018

We booked in for a 2:1 half day training. It was an amazing day for a me as a complete novice and a great return to motorcycling for my husband. The tuition was excellent, as someone who can’t even ride a push bike I wouldn’t have believed that I would be riding around by the end of the session!

Jon - February 2018

Myself and 3 friends went for the day it was absolutely fantastic, Beautiful location friendly staff great food the instructor we had for the day was excellent and knew his stuff and was very patient, he needed to be with us! The bikes were in great order as was the kit, Overall a fantastic value for money day, We will definitely be coming back. Thank you.

Andy - November 2016

Went with four mates for a training day. Instructor was really good. We all had a great time and learned some new skills. Highly recommended.

Luke - November 2016

Great place, amazing views, good bikes, gorgeous food, experienced staff…. highly recommended.

Simon - November 2016

What a fantastic day. We were a group of 6 friends, 4 guys and 2 women doing the full day and we all loved it. The progression we all made throughout the day was excellent. We started fumbling about with some easy stuff and the instructor took us up to harder things as the day went on and we couldn’t believe what we achieved by the end of the day. A full day that was good value to. Definitely recommended.

Bryan - November

Had the most awesome day in Nov 2016. It was a present for my 60th. It could not have been better. A day to remember. Be ready for the aches that follow. I will be back !!!

Richard - August

Had my stag party there yesterday, had friends that had no experience to very experienced and we all had a fantastic time. We were well looked after by the instructors and all the staff, couldn’t ask for more. Thank you

Shaleen - August

My 17 year old son had a full day experience and we found everything to be 5*! The instructors, equipment, location, food and staff were all outstanding! We will highly recommend this experience to friends and family! Thank you for making us feel welcome and we wish you every success in the future!

Gav - September

Took my son for his 14th birthday present, he’d never really ridden a motorbike before.
There were me, a friend, my son and two other gents in our group and I were worrying that my son may hold everybody up, but to my disbelief our instructor (Aaron) had him riding confidently within 5 to 10 minutes.
Aaron had us all riding some very technical stuff in no time at all.

The whole setup was fantastic!

Alex - August

Did the 1:1 training with Darren. Instructor was spot on all the staff were really friendly and helpful plus they have a great selection of stuff in the shop. Highly recommended! Have booked another day for when I pick up my new bike. Cheers guys

Nicola - August

We went to inch perfect today for the first time for my boyfriends birthday and the instructor had the patience of a saint !! As someone who has never been on a bike I used the electric option which was a good choice for a first time! We had a great day and will be back… We have great bruises to match!!

Colin - July

Got an all day Groupon voucher.

Place was bob on. The instructors were great with the guys and let us crack on without making us look daft. We soon found our feet and our way around the bikes. Neutral was a bit hard to find but the more you do it the more 2nd nature it becomes.

Beautiful surroundings and more than enough natural obstacles to fill the day.

The flies were very “bitey” under the trees so long sleeves were the way to go.

I’m a 50 yr old bloke but today I felt like a teenager again.

Will recommend inch perfect and will probably return with others.

Jonathan - September

Ive just come back from a fantastic Trials Experience Day with IPT. I couldn’t pick one fault with it. We were a mixed ability group but still beginner/novice and the training was tailored to be challenging for all. The facilities are top notch and the bikes and kit you get are not old crap, again good stuff. The tuition was good and the day wasn’t structured in a boring way. Very fluid and very fun. Will for sure be back even on the same experience day.

Neil - October 2016

Had a great day of one to one tuition with John at inch perfect , the place is fantastic to ride at, everything you can possibly want to have a go at is there , will definitely be back again . All the staff are very friendly and very knowledgeable on all the products and hope to buy one of there great selection of used bikes soon !!

Justin - October 2016

Went with my 8 year old son and we both had a fanatic time in some stunning scenery. The electric bikes were great and were easy to use – no need to worry about clutches or gears, which was a relief for a couple of beginners who were keen to have a go. All the staff were friendly and helpful and the tuition was superb, with lots of advice and encouragement where needed. By the end of the day we had been able to experience and tackle a variety of terrain and obstacles which had been both fun and challenging and we left with a real sense of achievement. They also provided a very tasty lunch. We highly recommend it.

A brilliant day and experience

We learnt to ride as three complete beginners. Brad our instructor was excellent, being extremely patient and passing on his knowledge and experience. We were all riding confidently in no time at all.

The facilities are 1st class. We fully expected old riding clothes and smelly, used helmets but none of that here. The clothes to borrow were all clean and in excellent condition. At the end of the day our gloves and the inside of the helmets were taken off to be washed and the clothes from the group before us were already in the washing machine while we were getting changed!

Lunch was homemade, plentiful and delicious.

Everything here is brilliant. Inch Perfect Trials have it completely nailed on. Lovely staff, an amazing location, brilliant facilities. You could not ask for more.

A thoroughly enjoyable day. Can’t wait to return!

Visited October 2016

Ladies only trials experience

A great day which catered brilliantly for different abilities – from total beginners who took electric bikes out to those who had some experience but wanted to polish basic skills. Well organised and differentiated to keep everyone challenged. Small ability-split groups enabled the trainers to tailor teaching and meet our individual needs. Great tuition and a fun day!

Visited October 2016

Group of 4 trials virgins

What a day, welcoming, friendly, superb instruction, top notch, well prepared bikes and great food and refreshments. Myself and 3 friends decided in the pub it would be a great idea to go to inch perfect for a trials experience day, now, normally, pub schemes can go wrong, not in this case however. It was a truly great day where we learned so much. I’ll be back soon, I have a horrible feeling I might and up owning one of these little beauties…

Visited November 2016

Trials experience - Kevin

What a brilliant day.Myself and three mates decided in an alcoholic haze one evening that it would be a great day out. We are experienced in throwing race bikes down the road so thought it would be a change from the tarmac. Well what an eye opener .We were greeted by the friendly staff with coffee and bacon butties .The bikes and equipment were superb and well maintained and our instructor Boyd showed exemplary patience and understanding at our antics .But he taught us a lot. FUN is an understatement.

Visited November 2016

Beautiful setting and a great day out - Alex Jeddah

First time back on a trials bike for nearly forty years and so much fun. A very enjoyable day from the moment I arrived and was greeted with the offer of bacon butties to leaving several hours later.

Very knowledgable and friendly instructors cover the basics and then progress through a number of increasingly challenging tasks as the day progresses. Nothing too dangerous or demanding – but certainly not easy.

Midday break to a much-needed rest, home-cooked food and warming drink. Then back for more.

1 Don’t go in a mixed group with a pre-teen. He (or, possibly, she) will completely show you up as they have no fear and take to it like a duck to water. No, seriously thinking of booking another day with grandson.
2 Don’t plan on doing anything the following day – you’ll ache in places where you didn’t even know you had places.
3 Make sure you have a good basic level of fitness. It’s a VERY physical day – especially if you keep falling off.

Will I be back? You betcha!

Daniel Ward 9th January 2015

Today was a memorable day for myself and my 3 children. My children have never ridden a trial bike before, that is until they meet Aaron. Aged 8, 10, & 12 Aaron certainly had his work cut out with my crazy tribe. He bond with them straight away, made them feel relaxed and kept them in-line. By the end of the day they could ride a bike, understand spacial awareness, spotting ahead, balancing and then even ride sections on their own with confidence. They had great fun, and were in safe hands.
Location is great, staff are excellent and friendly and willing to make your experience a memorable one. The hot lunch was fabulous, plenty to eat and drink. The shop impressive too, Will be back again soon. The owner should be proud of their business, and team they have. Thank you to you all,
The Wards.

Andy Hall 27th December 2015

My nephew and I had a full day with Aran recently, it was excellent, I’m an experienced road rider and my nephew is totally green but the tuition and activities were pitched exactly to suit and stretch our skills. Aran had a great way of communicating and encouraging the group and spent time working on each person’s technique. The facilities are first class, the staff professional and the lunch was excellent. We loved it and will definitely be back.

Matthew Argyle 8th November 2015

I loved every minute. I’ve never ridden a motor bike before and by the end the day, thanks to their excellent tutors, I had learnt how to clutch control, change gear, and do slow tight maneuvers. It was so much fun riding up steep terrain and through streams in the wet. All the kit and bikes where fantastic and very well looked after. The food was excellent too. Especially the scones! I am definitely going to plan another visit.

James McFadyean 17th December 2015

Had an amazing day to celebrate my 40th birthday with two friends and my 11 year old son. Non of us had any trials biking experience and my son and one other had never even rode a bike before but we were made to feel very welcome by all the staff and our instructor was very patient with us which made for a very relaxed and enjoyable day. Will definitely be returning in the summer for another go.

Gary Bingley 27th September 2015

Just home from a fantastic day at Inch Perfect Trials…..the second of 2 days booked via Lloyd Group as a bit of a well done to the Aftersales Guys at Colne.
What a fabulous location . Awesome views and great trials land whatever your ability.
It was my first time back onn a trials bike for 18 months + and I can see a purchase coming up! Great tutor in Dec Bulloch, great host in Matthew and family, great bikes and an awesome new shop!
Not often you get Lasagne for lunch at a trial.
The sport will benefit from this place massively and I know a few of the Colne boys are tempted to have a go in a proper trial. Well done to the Alpe family for taking this project on …. Brilliant and I realise now how much trials is in the blood for life….thanks all of you guys who helped today that Beta Racing of Decs is tempting!!!!

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