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Inch Perfect Trials Display Shows

As the longest established trials display team in the UK, Inch Perfect Trials Display definitely know how to wow the crowd! Over the past 8 years, the team have performed at numerous high profile events up and down the country as well as overseas! A few events the team have provided entertainment for: British Super Bikes, International Dirt Bike Show, Southport Flower Show, Otley Agricultural Show and Wilton House Classic and Supercars to name but a few.

Providing main ring entertainment in the UK and now Europe Inch Perfect Trials Display team is the perfect solution to entertaining, engaging and exciting any audience with its family friendly stunt show. Each display exhibits the perfect combination of skill, humour and thrills and provides both a visual and audible spectacle. The team comprises of two of the UK’s top trials riders and a larger than life commentator who is guaranteed to make you chuckle! Each show is carefully crafted around our display equipment and can be adapted to suit audiences, environment, weather, budget etc. The riders showcase extreme control, balance, skill and plenty of nerve ensuring the audience is left amazed.

The display consists of massive jumps up vertical walls, breath-taking ‘drop offs’, a full range of freestyle tricks: wheelies, stoppies, back wheel hops, 180 degree flick turns etc, plus other spectacular stunts which, combined with the showmanship and humour will leave the audience in disbelief of what they have just witnessed. New for 2017: new tricks, new routines, new bikes, new riders and a bigger than ever stunt wagon! Our non-stop stunts provide high octane excitement and are sure to leave your crowd amazed.

Inch Perfect Trials Display perform at any kind of event – from agricultural shows to motorsport events to product launches, corporate or promotional. All we need to perform our displays is a minimum size arena of 25m x 15m (ideal size is 30 x 30) on any surface; tarmac, stone chippings or grass. Each day includes up to 4x 30 minute display (on any surface, in any weather) and the team will set up their large gazebo where spectators can have a closer look at the bikes, meet the team, take photos and received signed posters. The team come prepared with their own public address system, microphones, speakers, generators etc. Fully insured with Public Liability Cover up to £5 million.

For 2018, the prices remain the same as last year
£1,995 for one day
£3,745 for two days
£5,445 for three days

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