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Introduction and development concept 
Ever since its first appearance, the Montesa Cota 4RT model started a revolution in the world of trial, a discipline dominated completely by the mechanics of 2 stroke engines. However, the problem with the relative simplicity of these compact engines is that they are highly polluting. This being the case, Montesa, in close collaboration with Honda Motor Co., and in anticipation of the emissions standards that were to be enforced in 2006, developed the Montesa Cota 4RT, an advanced trial motorcycle equipped with a compact and revolutionary 4 stroke and 4 valve engine with a PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system, which resulted in a highly efficient machine with a low level of emission pollution and a significant value in power and torque. The innovation of the motorcycle also is present in its chassis, with the adoption of an aluminum frame and a set of high-quality SHOWA suspensions, known for the effective design of the rear suspension system. Surprisingly, from the very beginning, the performance of the 250cc engine has been able to compete, in theory, with the superior 2stroke engines with similar displacement. 

The Montesa Cota 4RT has always been recognized for its exclusive technological features, as well as for being a model of superior quality and proven liability, aspects that were clearly valued by the clients of the brand. 

Following this philosophy, which combines the most advanced technology and uttermost respect for the environment, in 2013 Montesa released the new Cota 4RT260, a completely new motorcycle that keep the Cota 4RTs main features, increasing its performance. Then, in 2015, the brand launched the competitive Cota 300RR, a race-oriented version of the Cota 4RT260, sharing it’s 4-stroke technology.

For the 2016 season, and without losing track of its identity, Montesa introduced us to the 4RIDE, a model that reached the market to recover a concept that the brand itself began with models such as the trail version of the Cota 247 or Cota 348 and consolidated with the Evasion. It was a motorcycle focused on trial excursion.
For this 2020 season, Montesa has surprised us all with the announcement of the new Cota 301RR, a model that replaces the 300RR and that wants to bring us even closer to the world champion competition motorcycle. The 301RR is the most powerful mass-produced Cota. It is a motorcycle designed to compete, hence its surname RR (Race Ready). The model relies on the proven experience inherited from the racing machines used by the Montesa riders in the Trial World Championship, from which it adopts most of its components and technical solutions. Cota 301RR is basically the same bike on which Gabriel Marcelli was crowned Trial2 World Champion. A bike with a confirmed success, as it was also the one that gave the second place to Matteo Grattarola (world champion of the category last season) and the fifth place to Francesc Moret. All in all, it’s a real racing motorcycle, within the reach of the fans.

50 years of Cota
In 2018, Montesa celebrated the 50 years of production of its most popular model, the Cota. It’s the only motorcycle commercialized uninterruptedly since 1968 in Spain. Its winning formula is a mix of R&D efforts and high technological quality, adapting to the needs of the market at all times. That’s how the Montesa Cota has become the motorcycle with the longest production streak in Spain and the only motorcycle, not scooter, that has been produced for decades nonstop in Europe. Since its market launch, 160,000 units have been sold.

In these 50 years of production, from the first Cota 247 to the Cota 301RR, no less than 44 variants of the Cota model have been made, a figure that proves the high development and production capacity of the Montesa production plant, as testified by the more than 1,276,000 units (441,000 Montesa and 835,000 Honda) made between 1945 and 2017.

Manufacturing Process
Like the Cota 4RT260, the Race Replica and the 4RIDE, the 301RR is manufactured exclusively and for worldwide distribution in Montesa Honda’s modern facilities, located at Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Barcelona. Worth mentioning is that fact that, in an effort to guarantee the brand's high levels of quality, all production processes are carried out in the factory, including: engine assembly, plastic injection, manufacturing of the aluminum frame, fuel tank and swingarm.
The new Cota 301RR inherits the engine of the motorcycle that participates in the Trial2 World Championship with incredible results, proclaiming itself world champion of the category with the Spanish rider Gabriel Marcelli. The main objective of the engineers with this new model has been to bring it as close as possible to the competition model. The cylinder capacity has been increased from 288cc in the 300RR to 298cc (maximum displacement allowed in the Trial2 World Championship), increasing the size of the piston and cylinder.

Along with this increase in displacement, the Cota 301RR benefits from a series of important changes in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) along with a redesign of the crankcase gas decompression system in favor of a clear reduction of the engine brake. Thus, when cutting gas, the motorcycle feels much lighter and more controllable. To achieve this, the crankcase breather diameter has also been increased from 1,9mm to 2,25mm, and is now identical to the TrialGP World Champion bike of Toni Bou and Fujinami.

On the other hand, the crankshaft now has more inertia to achieve greater progressiveness. This translated into a noticeable improvement in response in the low ranges and a behavior that matches the one of the motorcycles competing in the World Championship. Overall, this makes for a perfect connection between throttle control and final transmission, a key aspect in top level trial, and in which the exquisite functioning of the electronic fuel injection system PGM-FI is of vital importance.
The Cota 301RR relies on a lightweight aluminum frame and swingarm of proven reliability and performance level.
This new model features wave-pattern brake discs used on the machines of the racing team on both trains, using a rear disc approved by the FIM. So, it now achieves greater strength and braking power in both trains.

Following the similarities of the Montesas used in the World Trial, the aluminum muffler has also been redesigned. The resistance of the muffler has been increased, increasing the volume of the muffler and the diameter of the inner tube. When you add this to other engine changes, the result is a significant increase in torque throughout the rev range, so it now benefits from up to 16% more power and torque at low and medium revolutions ranges. In addition, it features a new exhaust shield. On the other hand, to improve the protection of the crankcase, a new rubber has been placed between it and the much more enveloping skid plate, also based on the TrialGP and Trial2 world champions.

 The Cota 301 still has the lightweight TECH front fork with aluminum bars and adopts lightweight wheel hubs made from aluminum, solutions that result in significant weight savings. In the rear end it continues to equip a SHOWA shock absorber that contributes to improve traction.
Design and Style
Overall, the new Cota 301RR has more aggressive and sharp lines, giving the motorcycle a sportier look and a modern touch. Part of this new look is given by the higher rear fender and the new design of the fuel tank, which leaves behind its rounded shapes to make way for a Racing design. Also noteworthy is the new LED racing headlamp.

But without a doubt, one of the aspects that will attract more attention are the new colors of this model, previously unheard of in Montesa and trial motorcycles. It is a dark gray color that, elegantly combined with the unmistakable Montesa red, and some details in white, gives it an unprecedented originality and makes hard to miss anywhere. This innovative combination is reinforced by the elegant gold of the fork sliders and some other components. And for the nostalgic, the Cota 301RR will also be available in red and black, more in line with its predecessor, the Cota 300RR.
Montesa motorcycles have always stood out thanks to their high-quality finishes and the excellent level of components that keep their properties intact over time. As to be expected, this is something that is maintained in this new model with the adoption of the highest quality plastic and decals.
Racing kit parts
Highly exclusive kit made of carbon fiber for competition use only composed of: 
• Clutch cover protector
• Exhaust pipe protector
Also included in the kit:
• A lightweight LED headlight cover for competition use only.
Racing facts
Without a doubt, Montesa is one of the world's most successful brands, with 70 world titles to its name, 22 by brands and 48 by riders. One of the them is definitely worth mentioning, Toni Bou, who now has 26 world titles (13 TrialGP and 13 X-Trial), all consecutive. The last rider to join Montesa's long list of successes has been Gabriel Marcelli, who just became Trial2 World Champion. 

The rest of the titles are divided between the following riders: Ulf Karlson (1 outdoor); Marc Colomer (2 indoor and 1 outdoor), Dougie Lampkin (2 indoor and 4 outdoor); Takahisa Fujinami (1 outdoor); Laia Sanz (8 females); Alfredo Gómez (1 junior); Matteo Grattarola (1 Trial2); Gabriel Marcelli (1 Trial2).

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